If you need a makeup artist for a day out, night out, or event, don’t hesitate to e-mail me to book an appointment (phone booking available soon).  It is best to book your appointment early, as spots fill up quickly.

50  Glamour event

Includes business related dinner or party, holiday or birthday party, evening putting, etc.

40 Prom/Teen formal event

Professionals, please see the sections below.

35 Fashion shows – Per model

The green room of a fashion show is a fast paced and often chaotic place, and makeup must be done quickly.  I work with the hair styling and wardrobe teams in assembly lines, and am able to coordinate my timelines with each station.

Fashion designers please contact me by e-mail with the details of your show.  Please include date, time, green room prep time, location, and references or clothing details.

65 Fashion photography – Per face

Fashion and editorial photography is high definition based, and I focus on getting the models looking as flawless as possible before they step on set.

Photographers please contact me by phone or e-mail to book. You will need to provide information on the location, date, time, number of models, and theme of the shoot.