eagle1edit It is a primal instinct to seek the thrill of fear, and also to desire beauty and seduction.  The aesthetic of Glitter and Gore is a contrast between the two concepts.  The images of death and fearful things serve not to intimidate, but to remind us that life is not eternal, and to use the positive flows of energy to ground us to mortality.  It is the flow of energy that creates seduction and desire.

Like life and beauty, the art of makeup is temporary and ever changing.  I aim to create lasting impressions of the looks I create so that my clients have an entire experience while they work with me, and leave with more positive energy than they came with.


Welcome to Wedding/Prom/Graduation season 2016!

My schedule is filling up quickly with beautiful brides and bridal parties, graduates, and event-goers! This summer is going to be filled with glamour and glitter – book your spot now! Email souldiscriminator@gmail.com